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by Fergie McGuire - 1 year ago

Marimo 101

The name Marimo (毬藻, Aegagropila linnaei) originated from Japanese botanist Tatsuhiko Kawakami: 毬 ‘mari’ = ball and 藻 ‘mo’ = generic term for aquatic plants! The Marimo ‘Moss’ Ball, as it’s commonly called, is not moss at all – but a freshwater,...

by Fergie McGuire - 1 year ago

Winter Plant Care

As the seasons change, so too do your plant’s needs. Indoor plants are affected by outdoor changes. In this article, we’re talking about all things winter and how you should care for your plants when the temperature dips below freezing. More Sunlig...

by Fergie McGuire - 1 year ago

Jesse Goldfarb, Plant Artist, @teenytinyterra

Our newest installment in our Tastemaker series features Canada-based plant artists – Jesse Goldfarb, aka @teenytinyterra! We came across his whimsical terrariums that he builds and wanted to know more about where his inspiration comes from. Check o...