Tag: Houseplant Tastemakers

by Fergie McGuire - 1 year ago

Lauren Miranda, Studio Manager at Jesse Kamm

We are so happy to introduce you to Lauren Miranda from our tastemaker series. We first stumbled upon Lauren from an apartment tour Youtube video her friend, Christine, shot. We immediately fell in love with her plant collection (not to mention her...

by Fergie McGuire - 1 year ago

Laura Serventi, Painter and illustrator, @art_n_people

For our latest installment of our tastemaker series, we want to introduce you to Laura Serventi. We first encountered Laura’s work on Instagram and we were blown away. Laura’s amazing use of vibrant colors and plant-inspired intricate artwork captur...

by Fergie McGuire - 1 year ago

Jesse Goldfarb, Plant Artist, @teenytinyterra

Our newest installment in our Tastemaker series features Canada-based plant artists – Jesse Goldfarb, aka @teenytinyterra! We came across his whimsical terrariums that he builds and wanted to know more about where his inspiration comes from. Check o...