How to Grow Your Love?

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by Fergie McGuire 764 Views 0

Ahhhhhh…. It’s that time of the year again! You start seeing hearts and roses popping up in store aisles and windows everywhere. February – the official time to celebrate love. Why not skip roses and celebrate it with our Sweetheart Hoya this year?!

Meet Hoya kerrii 

If you remembered seeing a vine-y plant creeping around your grandma’s kitchen cupboard, chances are it was a Hoya plant. This classic, beloved plant is especially good for an indoor environment. It lives forever, grows to be enormous, and creates beautiful flowers (if you are lucky – but more on that later). And our hero of the story, the Hoya kerrii, also nicknamed the Sweetheart plant, is in-fact in the big Hoya family. The Hoya kerrii is unique and famous for its fleshy heart-shaped leaves. It is a slow-growing succulent vine, native to Southeast Asia, that is ridiculously easy to care for.

Caring Your Hoya kerrii 

Fret not, your Sweetheart plant is hardy and even drought-tolerate. It is a low-maintenance gem we recommend to everyone, even beginners. Generally speaking, treat them like a succulent: lots of sun and the occasional watering. A general rule of thumb – it is best to underwater than to overwater. Still unsure how often? Look for the little sign – it tells you it’s thirsty when the leaf gets wrinkly.

Toxicity of Hoya kerrii

Love is toxic… just kidding! Your Hoya is non-toxic. In fact, it is perfect for parents and pet-owners.

But what about flowers?

We get it, you still want flowers. It is really rewarding to see your Sweetheart plant flower because of how slow growing it is. However, it is very difficult to to predict when they do. Generally speaking, most plants flower when they reach maturity and are very happy. If you provide them with ideal care and growing conditions, then you might be rewarded with yearly fragrant flowers. (Word on the street is, they generally reach a pot size of about 8″ in diameter before they flower.) It’s always best to focus on keeping the plants happy, rather than pushing them to flower. When it happens, it happens ????

So there you go! With the right amount of love, water, and time – heart-shaped leaf after heart-shaped leaf of Hoya will grow. Its slow growth is said to represent eternal love – whether between significant others, best friends, or self-love! (And let’s be honest here, why would you want flowers – something that will die in a week – to represent your undying love?) So why not grow your love this year instead?

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