Earth Friendly Changes to Make in Your Home in the New Year – by Molly Kay

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We cannot believe it’s almost time to say goodby to 2017. With the new year fast-creeping on us, we asked our friend, Molly Kay, to share how to make some friendly, earth-y changes at home. And more importantly, what changes can you make to have a big impact on the environment. Maybe make this your #newyearresolution ???? ?

The new year is quickly approaching, and is a good time to reflect on the mark we are leaving on the world we inhabit. With so many large environmental issues that face us today, it’s normal to feel powerless and anxious about what the future may hold for our planet and its beautiful natural resources. We need champions of environmental causes, but even more so we need everyday people who are passionate about a sustainable future to know that they can have an influence as well. Here are a few small things to consider changing in your home in the new year….

Start a Collection of House Plants

There is something about being surrounded by greenery that makes you feel fresh and energized. Keeping plants on your desk at work or different rooms in your home can be aesthetically pleasing, and can help you feel more productive and less stressed. As you may have guessed, there is also a significant environmental benefit to bring plants into our living and working spaces. Plants help keep air temperatures down and naturally purify the air we breathe. Specifically, houseplants lower levels of carbon dioxide, benzene and nitrogen dioxide, which are all harmful to humans and mother nature. Check out this infographic for a variety of different house plants and the different benefits they can have in your home.

Buy from you Local Fruit Stand or Farmer’s Market

Growing up in the Northeast, I was never too far away from a local fruit and vegetable stand. My mom and I would often walk to a stand down the street from us during the spring and summer to pick up a basket of apples or half a dozen cobs of corn. As I grew older, I came to understand the impact that shopping locally can have on your community and the environment. Not only does buying from your local farmer’s market support hardworking members of your community, but it also cuts down on the amount of plastic packaging that you are bringing into your home. There are so many benefits to checking out the local market, but my favorites are cutting down on harmful waste and putting more money back into your community…a win-win for you and the earth!

Incorporate Eco-Friendly Furniture

If you are looking to furnish your home, or just add a few new pieces, take into consideration the environmental impact that your furniture may have. There are many furniture companies today that care about protecting the Earth and that are striving to make their products from recycled materials. Arhaus is one company that draws inspiration from the natural world and is involved in an environmental initiative with the American Forests where they plant a tree for every purchase made during their storewide sale. This could make a big difference when considering one mature tree can absorb carbon dioxide at a rate of 48 pounds per year. Arhaus follows through on their mission, making their sectional couches from organic fabric and renewable material, and never from trees in our endangered forests.

Start your own Compost Pile

To maximize your environmental impact in 2018 and minimize your carbon footprint, consider starting–literally–in your own backyard. Starting a compost pile inside or outside of your home can have a number of benefits. When trash decays in landfills, it can contribute to Composting can make soil healthier and decreases the amount of trash contributing to landfills. When trash decays in landfills, it can release methane and other greenhouse gases. I always thought composting sounded like a daunting task, until I actually looked into it. With a few simple instructions and ingredients, you can have your own compost pile flourishing in no time.  

Thank you so much, Molly! Molly is a self-described tree hugger, and enjoys hiking and running on the weekends. During the week she works as the community manager at Arhaus

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