Crafts in the Home


by Fergie McGuire 816 Views 0

I love working with my hands, whether this is for cooking, baking, arts and crafts – it calms me down and forces me to focus on right now. It helps me calm down after a long week at work and I often find that I lose my notion of time when I am completely absorbed in a task.

Some of the craft projects I enjoy most are those I can then use around the house. Although I love creating personalised gifts, like mugs, it’s adding to my own interior that I really enjoy. Here I have listed three of my favourite home projects.

Personalising Ceramics

You don’t need buy your own clay or spend lots of money on ceramic courses in order to create beautiful, personalised pieces. Did you know there are pens you can buy that allow you to “paint” on ready-bought ceramics, from mugs to jugs? While some people use sharpies, various shops like Hobbycraft, Amazon and more have specialised markers that are dishwasher safe once your pieces have been baked in your oven.

Transform anything from tableware to decorative pieces like candle lights and vases. I have some of these pens and have transformed an old vase to something I am proud to display. These pieces will also make great gifts. Combine a beautifully decorated vase with luxury flowers, like those from Bloom Magic, and you are on to a winner – ideal for birthdays and housewarming parties.

DIY Chalkboard

Over the years, I found myself in the need of a board where I could write down my shopping list, appointments and other things in plain view. A calendar does not really work for us, as it’s often easy to miss pencilled in appointments. Sometimes you just need a massive, scream-in-your-face reminder that your kid needs to go to the dentist.

Take a cheap, or old, frame and work this around an existing piece of blackboard. This happened to work for us as I managed to find some at a local charity shop. However, you can also create a blackboard with the use of specialised chalkboard paint. If you prefer a whiteboard, there is even paint around that lets you create a whiteboard surface – how cool is that? Put your creation up somewhere in the kitchen or hallway – wherever it will suit your household best and start writing. If you won’t need a notice board, it can be a great surface for your kids to draw on. It will decrease the likelihood of unwanted wall art.

Washi Tape Madness

I’m not ashamed to say I have a big collection of gorgeous washi tape that I am very careful with. It’s kept away from tiny hands to avoid costly waste of this tape. Problem is, I have a big collection of various rolls and I realised at some point I wasn’t really doing much with the tape at all – other than admire them from time to time, thinking I could create nice things with the tape. I never really did until I sat down and browsed a big list of washi tape ideas.

Add a nice flair to any card by using the washi tape to seal the envelope. If you have a bit more time and it is a very special occasion, create a beautiful pattern on the back of the envelope or card. I have also used washi tape to create various bits of cake decorations, like bunting. A big hit with all birthday celebrations, I customise each design to the person. It add a nice touch to any homemade or store-bought cake. What will you create with your collection of washi tape?