Birthday in a mug and free cut file!


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I’m always looking for cute and easy little birthday gift ideas–teachers, neighbors, friends! It’s always somebody’s birthday! And today I have a totally cute birthday mug idea!

It actually started when I stumbled upon these fun cake mixes (this isn’t sponsored by duncan hines! I just appreciate a cake that I can make in a couple minutes….because #cakecravings

and since I’m always making cute cups with some Expressions Vinyl….why not make a festive one just for a personalized cake! Throw in a candle, blow horn, balloon, confetti, and the cake mix. You can even include a gift card!  Perfect Birthday mug!

This Happy Birthday is actually a FREE CUT FILE!

I used the Glitter FX in magenta (that is the sparkles you are seeing!) The rest is just scraps I had laying in my stash! (You will want to use PERMANENT adhesive vinyl–that will last longer on the cup on the removable And it  is recommended that you hand wash! )

If you are looking to sale products made with this cut file please purchase a commercial license HERE! (This will let you use ANY of the free cut files I offer on my blog! If you are having a crafting day and want to use this to whip up a cute sign or tote bag…than totally free! Every cut file is hand lettered by me on my ipad pro with an ipad pencil.

I actually have a WHOLE video on how I create my cut files HERE! 

throw on a birthday hat or shirt or even banner!

Either way– A super fun way to celebrate!!!

Seriously! Could this Birthday mug be any cuter? (Channeling inner Chandler Bing!) 

If you end up making one of these birthday in a mug…please share pictures with me! I would love to see them!

And if you need more fun birthday gift ideas…go here!