Barbie Couch and chair DIY!


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I loved Barbies…and I love the my daughter loves them too. But I totally don’t love having to buy Barbie Furniture at the store…hello! Expensive! So I’ve got an easy diy for a barbie chair and barbie couch that is made out of a KLEENEX BOX!

This tutorial can be used for both a Barbie chair and a Barbie couch depending on what size of tissue box you use!

What you need to make a Barbie couch or chair

  • Tissue box
  • ruler
  • scissors
  • tape
  • hot glue
  • fabric (the fluffier the better)
  • pen

How to make a Barbie Couch

I did put together a quick video–but if you have questions check down below!

First…grab a tissue box! 

You are going to measure and cut out a square..One on each side.

I sketch out the square and cut it out. To be honest…this size varies depending on size of a box. around 3 inches is standard. 

There needs to be one on each side…same spot! 

I’m strategic about were I place my square. I want it opposite to where the whole of the tissue is. 

I took a ruler and scored across the from cut out square to cut out square (this makes bending the box into shape a little easier) 

You have to put a little muscle into it…but bend the box into the chair shape! 

I used the leftover tissue box to seal up the whole (just to reinforce it). I use tape and then add tape over all the edges–once again to reinforce it! 

How to cover a chair with fabric

Time for the pretty part! FABRIC! I totally recommend using fun fluffy fabric. It’s easier to cover up the edges and make it look nice! 

I basically wrap it like a present. Hot glue will be your friend. For the arms of the couch and chair I just roll up the fabric and hot glue it on! 

The white fabric is so fluffy you can’t see any seams! 

They turned out so cute ! and so much cheaper than buying a set at the store!

and guess what…Barbie loves it! 

If you want to pin this for later…here you go: